Sourdough pancakes with maple syrup, yoghurt and almonds

What a delicious breakfast, freshly made sourdough pancakes with maple syrup, Greek yoghurt and flaked almonds.



I’ve been a bit preoccupied over the past week or so, writing a bit of a head-scratching and frustrating essay. It is, sort of, nearing completion. So I’ve no time for sourdough bread this weekend but made these pancakes for breakfast instead. I actually left the sourdough starter without a feed for about 36 hours to see if that would make any difference to the taste and I think there was a slightly more sour taste to the pancakes which went very well with the maple syrup. I used two pans as well in order to speed the whole thing up so it took no time at all to make or eat (standing up in the kitchen).

Depending on how far I get with the writing this afternoon, I may attempt a sourdough pizza tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Now back to writing.


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