New Forest, Brockenhurst to Lymington

In New Forest, walking about for a few days. Earlier today on the train, Beloved kept pointing out particularly flooded and boggy paths, I just shrugged. Booked this weekend away ages ago, hoping for some nice weather, forecast says rain today and rain for the rest of the time we are here. Yay. Well, actually, it turned out to be pretty sunny today and mainly dry. We did a fantastically invigorating 9 mile walk from Brockenhurst, where we’re staying to Lymington – the distance between the two is not actually 9 miles but we didn’t do a direct route. And we had all sorts of scenery from a lovely little woodland and old school pubs to flooded riverbeds and salt marshes. First, Roydon Wood and sunny weather, so refreshing and such a marvellous contrast to grey and wet London we left this morning.

Roydon woods


A little while later and down some country lanes, we stopped for lunch and a pint at The Red Lion in Boldre which we both rather liked. After that, we were to follow Lymington River down to Lymington. Crossing the bridge at Boldre, you could tell we were going to be in for flooded paths shortly.

Lymington River from Boldre bridge


And yes, the path was terrible but also great fun. Sank into the mud a few times, scratched hands and legs on brambles, got mud on trousers despite wearing gaiters and rather enjoyed ourselves. This is what it looked like close up.

Lymington reedbeads bog


It got better after a while as we entered Lymington Reedbeads although the weather was getting worse.

Lymington reedbeads proper


It started raining pretty soon but we were on a road by that point and it didn’t take long to get into Lymington. We stopped for a coffee and a break before heading out to the Saltmarshes. The rain stopped again and we even got some blue late afternoon sky. Caught two ferries (to Isle of Wight) passing each other.

Lymington saltmarshes ferries crossing


And the other side was a nature reserve, a bit flooded but great to look at nevertheless.

Lymington saltmarshes


It was very windy around here and while we spotted lots of birds, some had to work hard to stay up in the air. The Saltmarshes continue to Keyhaven but it was already late afternoon so we had to head back. It’s worth coming back here just to do this walk. We saw a couple of dog walkers around here but hardly a soul elsewhere. Guess we are here out of season.

Weather forecast for tomorrow basically says everything from dry to snow and lots of rain. Hoping for dry but we shall see.

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