Hampton Wick and Bushy Park

Today was always going to be a stroll rather than a walk, plans were made to meet up with Beloved’s dad for lunch somewhere off the London Loop path and in the general area of his abode, we settled on Teddington. Just as well that it was a stroll of 4 and a half miles and not a proper walk, it was freezing. We got a train to Hampton Wick then walked around the edge of Hampton Court Park, spotting deer in the distance, a couple of green woodpeckers (had to do some research later to figure out what they were) and quite possibly a great spotted woodpecker too (jury is out on this one but, how exciting!). A little while later at Hampton Court, I was rather taken with the wonderfully trimmed trees.

Hampton Ct trees

The weather, at this point was cold but fine, the ground was hard, which at least meant we wouldn’t be covered in mud yet again. We crossed over to Hampton Wick and Bushy Park and it got a bit windy and freezing cold. Oh well. A lot more walkers out and about, Hampton Court Park was deserted in comparison. We walked around the ponds, lovely scenery.

Hampton wick ponds


As well as the usual ducks, geese, swans, coots and terns, we also spotted a ring-necked parakeet (thank you RSPB website for clearing all the birds up!) too high in a tree for a photo. We keep seeing these green parakeets on walks, we saw some last week and some a few months ago in Oxleas Wood. Seems that they have accidentally made South England their home. No birds seen on this tree but it still looked pretty cool.

hampton wick tree


Walking back towards Teddington, we spotted a couple of deer herds. They seemed to be pretty used to people walking about and calmly continued eating as we stopped to take photos. It’s a shame that you can see houses in the background and also that I don’t have a better lens (yet).

deer in bushy park


I’m glad that we braved the weather, this was a good little walk.


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