Ginger and spelt cookies

I’d like to say these Ginger and spelt cookies from Dan Lepard’s Short and Sweet are healthy – they do contain spelt rather than white flour but there’s enough golden syrup and sugars to make them not quite so innocent a treat. A delicious treat nevertheless.

IMG_0515The dough is made by heating butter, chopped up stem ginger and golden syrup until butter melts, then adding light soft brown and caster sugar, egg yolk, spelt flour, ground ginger and a little bit of soda bicarb. The dough puffs up in the oven then hardens to a good chewy crunch with nutty texture from spelt flour. Beloved likes these very much so it’s a good thing that a batch makes over 30 cookies – main reason I made them was to give some to his dad who we’re seeing today.

As I’ve recently got a few new books, I haven’t really looked at Short and Sweet for a while so it’s lovely to discover all these marvellous cookie and biscuit recipes that I’ve not done yet. I nearly made another batch yesterday, of peanut butter cookies but then thought we better eat these ones first. Megalomaniac.

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