Deli bread

IMG_0513This is a deeply satisfying loaf of bread, with excellent flavour and worth the long prepping time. I’ve now made most breads from Dan Lepard’s Short and Sweet and have been eyeing the Deli bread too, only you have to get yourself a bit organised so I planned it in advance. The recipe uses a bit of mashed potato and fried onions so those have to be done in advance and it also needs to prove in the fridge overnight. I made the dough early yesterday morning, then went out for a long walk, I was going to finish it when we got back. Took it out of the fridge, shaped it and made a mistake of putting it into a large loaf tin instead of a small one (hence it’s long but not tall). After a couple of hours, I had a look at it, it rose but not massively so, instead of turning the oven on, I decided to put it back in the fridge and bake this morning. I thought an extra 8 hours in the fridge wouldn’t kill it. It was absolutely fine, I brought it to room temperature, then baked. IMG_0512As well as mashed potato and fried onion, the dough is a mix of white and rye flours and quite a bit of caraway seeds – I used to hate these when I was little, would always have to ‘inspect’ rye bread, take out seeds then eat. Idiot.

Dan Lepard suggests using this bread for salt beef sandwiches, which would have been marvellous but I’ve salted a brisket not long ago and to do this would have taken even more planning so am just going to do roast beef sandwiches instead. Can’t wait.


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