Banana and walnut bread

Woke up early this morning with two thoughts in my head, is the weather going to be OK for a long walk today and what shall we have for sustenance? Solution to second thought was this rather good Banana and walnut bread:IMG_0507Took no time to make this morning and was a very good little breakfast treat. Very light, delicious although a bit too much sugar for my taste. I would definitely make it again and reduce the amount of sugar a little. The recipe came from a new purchase, Paul Hollywood’s How To Bake, which just arrived alongside the new Ottolenghi book and a few other bits and bobs from amazon. IMG_0508I wasn’t planning on getting How To Bake, think I have enough baking books but it was only £9 and now I’m very happy that I did get it. It has some very good recipes for sourdough including one with banana and muesli and one that looks like a focaccia, both of which I will most certainly do. His method though is completely different to others I’ve read so far and will be interesting to try. Clearly, one can never have enough baking books…

I bought Jerusalem because I’d seen a copy over holidays and I got very excited by a chocolate cake (more of a project as it’s got detailed photos of how to do it). Perhaps it’s a bit frivolous to buy a book because you want to make one thing but I’ve baked a lot from the first Ottolenghi book over the years and there are lots of other lovely looking recipes here. One thing that does annoy me about Ottolenghi recipes is that you have to get a lot of ingredients that you won’t need for anything else – unless you do a lot of Middle Eastern cooking. At the same time, this book has lots of fab sounding vegetable dishes, some kibbeh recipes and different kinds of meatballs all of which I’d like to make.

So, what happened to first thought of this morning? Nothing, I got my walk map printed for the next stretch of London Loop, we set off and it started raining. We decided that we would not enjoy walking in the rain today (we are usually quite happy walking in the rain) and that we really should go home and do the most dreaded household chore of all (descaling the espresso machine) instead. At least I can look forward to decent coffee again and hope that when we do go for a walk next weekend we may even see some snowdrops.

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