Just read, The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle, Tobias Smollett

Thing about books reading books on kindle is that I now don’t have a cover of it to post. I looked for a suitable image, half expecting to find Peregrine Pickle cartoons by Cruickshank or Gillray but I guess, being published in 1751, Peregrine Pickle was just a little bit before their time. So, in the end, I’ve a not-very-exciting picture of kindle…IMG_0502The other thing about books on kindle is no page numbers. This is usually fine but on this occasion, page numbers would have been useful because although I enjoyed parts of Peregrine Pickle immensely, there were other parts that just seemed to go on and on and on quite unnecessarily. I laughed out loud on bus to work (however many people read on buses, nobody ever laughs out aloud, yet these people must at least sometimes be reading funny books?!) and I shed a tear reading at home (acts of genuine, selfless humanity always get me!) but I wanted to learn what happens to Mr. Pickle and his companions and not read memoirs of a lady of quality. With page numbers, at least you can look up ahead to see how much of her you’ve got left to read through whereas on kindle, I’m at 55% and at 69% she was still going on about her escapades… I did lose patience. At the same time, the satire could be wonderfully cutting and the caricatures of certain characters I actually did imagine with little cursive speech bubbles as if done by James Gillray. I particularly enjoyed the sailor talk of Hatchway and commodore Trunnion and I could imagine Smollett having fun writing these lines. I also love the descriptions of high society in London and Paris, the old fashioned language and the 1750s period in general. I read later that Dickens was a fan of Smollet and it is easy to see why.

And the really great thing about kindle (regardless of what I have said above, I do love my kindle) is that this book is free, alongside Roderick Random and Humphry Clinker, which I’ve also downloaded and will read. Will just have to remember to look up length elsewhere first.

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