Sourdough bread

Making sourdough bread has been a real learning experience, hence so many posts on my blog about sourdough. I’ve kept at it since last summer and have had all sorts of loaves, some with a good rise, some looking like flatbreads, some light and airy and some a bit more dense. It’s all about subtleties – air temperature, starter consistency, kneading – or not, steaming the oven. I’ve varied the method I use ever so slightly over the past 6-7 months and had a bit of a breakthrough the other week when I added more water than usual and used a mixer for kneading. I repeated this new method yesterday and got a very good rise and a lovely light texture. Here is the whole loaf:

IMG_0499I used he usual amount of flour: 500g total, 300g strong white and 200g strong wholemeal and somewhere between 360-400ml water. Didn’t even measure the water properly, poured slowly until the consistency of the sponge seemed right. Perhaps using mixer to knead is cheating a bit but it’s worth it for the result, a lovely, pillowy texture of the dough and a great final loaf. About to have some for breakfast, just with butter and then go on a loooong walk.


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