Pitta bread to go with spicy carrot and chickpeas

Am still happily obsessed with Hugh FW’s River Cottage Veg book, despite recent additions to cookbook library (it is not quite a library but working towards that) and one of the recipes I’ve wanted to make for a while is a simple spicy carrot and chickpea dish to stuff pitta breads with. It was the combination of cumin, orange zest, hot smoked paprika and carrots that appealed. Since I was back early from work yesterday, thought I could just about make the pitta breads + the carrots before starving to death (usually by 8pm). Here they are, ‘resting’ with carrots in the background:

IMG_0496A tad too thick though, they shrunk immediately after being rolled but I didn’t particularly care as they looked so cute (was actually glued to oven door staring at them in wander). Hugh FW’s basic dough recipe is an interesting one, mixing plain and strong white flours and I think next time, I’d do strong white and wholemeal mix. Definitely making these again and the spicy carrots too.


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