Glorious snow, Hackney Marsh and Wick

Good things come to those who wait, we’ve been on high alert for snow all day yesterday, nothing happening. Rewarded this morning by lots and lots of snowfall. Fortified by a good breakfast, we set off towards Lee Valley and ended up doing 5 miles around Hackney Downs, Marsh and Wick then got a train back home. So brilliant to have this bleakness not too far from where we live:

hackney marsh in snowLast time we walked on Hackney Marsh it was packed full of people playing football and daffodils were coming up. Today it was pretty empty, only a few dog walkers and families. I love how the line of trees at the other end of the marsh almost completely disappears into whiteness.

flowers in snow h marshthistle in snow h marshFurther down, Wick woodland was completely deserted, only snow covered trees, a few birds and us.

wick woodlandwick woodland tree canopy


A most enjoyable walk! Quite glad we were out early-ish too and had all this whiteness practically to ourselves.


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