Clementine and oat muffins

I made Clementine and oat muffins from Dan Lepard’s Short and Sweet yesterday for a very late breakfast. Very light, simple to make and quite delicious even though I didn’t have enough clementines left so used an orange as well.IMG_0493I planned to post them yesterday too but decided to go out walking in the snow instead. So happy that it finally snowed. We walked up to local park which was unusually empty, probably because snow in London started falling quite late in the morning when everyone had already set off for school/ work and public transport seemed to have been functioning OK. Shame as the best thing about our annual little bit of snow is when you wake up in the morning, find out that it’s all gone white overnight and that you can’t possibly get into work/ school and must, therefore spend the day outside making snowmen. No snowmen in evidence yesterday:

Clissold in snow I’m sure our local will turn into a sculpture park this morning though, snow seems to be going already (boo hoo) so everyone likely to get out early before it has gone. More snow forecast (yay) for the rest of the weekend so we might go out and about later today again. Right now I am waiting, glued to the window, for signs of more snow.

clissold in snow 2 Another photo from the park, church tower hardly visible through thick snow.

By the time we went to the cinema in the early evening, the snow had stopped falling and it was getting very cold. We saw Django Unchained, which I thought very good, if a little long. Much better than anything else Tarantino has done in recent years and a lot more fun than anything I’ve seen come out of Hollywood in a long while. Back home and salt beef sandwiches for dinner, I’d brined a beef brisket during the week and pot roasted it yesterday, using recipes from Fergus Henderson’s Complete Nose to Tail. The genius idea to have sandwiches only came to me on way back from cinema as I didn’t really fancy cooking anything else and I love a good salt beef sandwich. I love all those cheap cuts of meat like briskets, lamb shoulder or middle neck, they’re perfect for slow cooking/ roasting and have so much flavour. Great for this time of the year. Shall have rest of beef with loads of horseradish today.

Muffins photo taken with iPhone, park photos with Nikon.


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