Chocolate hazelnut slice

I am not sure that the name of this cake quite does it justice, it’s more of an ‘extravaganza’ than a ‘slice’ but that’s what Nigel Slater named it in Kitchen Diaries II. I first saw the recipe in December issue of Observer Food Monthly and planned to make it over holidays but never got around to it. So I made it yesterday:IMG_0489 It’s a rather small cake that packs a bit of a punch with lots of chocolate, cocoa powder and hazelnut praline (ground up and mixed into the cake), then topped with Nutella buttercream icing and more hazelnut praline. Hence ‘extravaganza’ might be a better suited name. I have a feeling that the cake could have risen more but tastes good so am not complaining. Think this is quite a good cake for gloomy January, although not for those who spend this month abstaining from everything, which seems to be pretty much everyone I know (apart from me).

I was hoping to link to the recipe but can’t find it on Guardian website, which is a bit of a shame. I guess that’s because it was serialised from the book. Here’s a photo of the whole cake instead:IMG_0490Beloved thinks this is one of the best cakes ever and has no problems with the name – as it’s quite rich you can only eat a little slice at the time, he says.


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