Chestnut chocolate cookies

I was planning on making these Chestnut chocolate cookies from The Guardian over holidays and just didn’t get around to it so thought may as well make them today and tick them off that mental ‘would like to bake’ list:IMG_0487Simple to make (recipe is linked above) and wonderful with coffee. Not overly sweet, which is always a good thing and I do love chestnut and chocolate together. Dan Lepard’s suggestion is to have them with vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate fudge sauce, which sounds marvellous too.

My piping is clearly a ‘work in progress’. Still, a lot better now than first piping attempts last year – macaroons (tasted great but so much waste!) or eclairs (too small and thin). These cookies were the first opportunity to practice with a new piping bag and nozzle, I got a set for Christmas and, had a stupid buy (expensive trivet for steaming puddings that was too big for my pots) to return to Divertimenti so treated myself to even more piping nozzles. Not that I do any cake decorating or icing but at least now I am supplied for all sorts of piping needs/ eventualities if the fancy takes me…


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