Just read, The Age of Miracles, Karen Thompson Walker

IMG_0486This book had some decent reviews a few months back so I thought it might be a good holiday read. I like the premise of it – the earth is slowing down, each day lengthening by half an hour or so until days and nights each become 60 hours long. It is set in the very near future and observed by an 11 year old girl. The slowing has huge consequences for all life on the planet and nobody knows the cause or how to stop it. I liked how the slowing was experienced by a young girl and that her observations and experiences mainly revolve about going to school, her loneliness, her immediate neighbourhood rather than some big ideas but at the same time, this is also what limits the book – some of the ideas just seemed a bit superficial and not fully developed. I also found the book very short although it doesn’t seem that thin from the photo – it’s 370 pages long but with big, widely spaced font so it only took me a couple of days to read. Nevertheless, a good concept, sort of a post apocalyptic scenario without an actual apocalypse and an enjoyable read. I also loved the fact that the author wrote it in the mornings before going to work.

Am now giving science fiction a bit of a break and have started Rose Tremain’s Restoration, love Charles II period and I very much enjoyed some of Tremain’s other books.


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