Just read, You aren’t what you eat, Steven Poole

This little book should be on every single obsessive ‘foodie’ reading list, to teach them the error of their ways:

IMG_0482Fed up with gastroculture indeed. I do love food, think that’s pretty obvious from this blog but I do not like fads. In recent years, foodie fads have gotten steadily more silly if you really think about it. I’m certainly also guilty, as I’m involved with food for a living and have been known to get obsessed in the past. Luckily, and this is also what comes from being involved in the industry for a living, seeing the real obsessives does make me pause and think. Am much calmer now, I love cooking and eating but not to the extent that I’d spend every waking hour thinking of the next meal or ‘Experience’. Steven Poole does mention capital E Experience here in connection with dining out, going to food/ restaurant shows, going foraging and all sorts of stuff that’s become ever so fashionable in recent years. It’s fascinating, very well researched too, funny and ‘cutting’ as Jonathan Meades described it in a review, making me immediately want to read it. Am glad I did.


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