A different kind of Chelsea bun

I do love a sweet bun. For the past few months, all I wanted to do was make sweet buns. I did sticky toffee apple ones  a couple of months ago and then got preoccupied with other stuff. I found and saved several recipes for both Cinnamon and Chelsea buns, got a 10′ round case in preparation – was thinking Christmas holidays will provide ample time to make buns. Then I saw the Christmas masterclass episode of Great British Bake Off and Paul Hollywood’s Chelsea buns stuffed with Christmas dinner leftovers and got totally over excited, simple creature that I am. So, I made them yesterday and they were absolutely glorious:



The recipe is here for anyone interested, a warning though, it’s a very wet dough and I probably kneaded for longer than 10 minutes, took a while for it to become elastic. The end result is really wonderful, soft, pillowy bun and it would probably be just as good as a sweet cranberry bun (without the rest of leftovers). My only problem is that I’ve still got lots of Christmas Day leftovers in the fridge. Beloved and I have taken to singing Tetris tune as we open the fridge or any food cupboards as everything is so overloaded. Oh well, it’ll all get eaten at some point.

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