Fig and walnut bread x2

IMG_0467I had a bit of baking to do yesterday for an early Christmas family get together (happening later today). Volunteered myself to make Christmas pudding and bread to go with cheese. Then, I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to make some mince pies and some edible gifts as well. Apart from the pudding, I was going to make everything else yesterday. Got up early, made sponge for the Fig and walnut bread, then the dough and just as the first sweet gift came out of the oven, I had a text to say the building where we have an office was broken into. On went boots, off went the oven…

I ended up waiting for the police for 5 hours, mostly spent outside as none of us tenants really wanted to sit in offices, ours was a complete mess. It was not a very nice experience (and this was the second time it happened in the past six months!) but eventually the police turned up and all I was thinking about was the dough seriously over proving back at home and all the other baking I still had to do.

In the end, the dough did rise too much but it was still pretty elastic so I deflated it and then proceeded as normal, hoping for the best. At least I tested the recipe (from Leith’s Baking Bible) before so I knew what I was doing. This time I did the full quantity and ended up with two cute little loaves. Once the bread was cool, I sliced into one of the loaves, just to check and it looks fine. Bread is a thing of wander! This is a particularly delicious bread too, there is honey in it as well as walnut and fig and I used granary malt flour again which gives it a really good taste. Must remember to try making just some simple loaves with granary malt.

So, while the office is still in complete chaos, most of our macs have been stolen and I know that replacing everything will cause a lot of stress, at least I’ll eat some good bread today.

Apologies for rather dark photos, took them first thing this morning with phone, not very good conditions.

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