Sourdough experiment

After last weekend’s Fig and Walnut loaf, I’m back to making sourdough bread. Recently, however, my sourdough has been expanding more in width than in height so I’ve ended up with a couple of sourdough flatbreads rather than loaves. Today I thought I’d do a little experiment and use (St.) Dan Lepard’s usual bread making method, which requires only a little bit of kneading at short intervals instead of the River Cottage method (longer kneading). It worked out beautifully, look at this lovely plumpness:

IMG_0464Granted, may not have had all that much to do with kneading for 15 minutes (River Cottage) or leaving for 15 then kneading briefly (Dan Lepard) and more to do with the temperature of the kitchen (cold!!). Don’t particularly care what the reason was, I am super happy with the result. Am not even meant to be blogging right now but focusing on a tricky assignment I’ve got to hand in next week for my course but could not contain self. So, here’s another photo, plumpness perhaps more evident:

IMG_0465Right, now back to early modern European colonial expansion, oh joy!

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