Lime syrup marble cake

Just finished, soaked in syrup and tasted, Lime syrup marble cake from Dan Lepard in today’s Guardian Weekend and online:

I admit, not the most attractive photo but the cake itself is lovely. Very moist and a bit boozy, there’s rum in the syrup along with lime juice and icing sugar. Very light sponge, it has quite a bit of creme fraiche.

I didn’t fancy any particular cake today so thought I may as well make this one because I do love lime and rum. My baking mind has been elsewhere – trying out a fruit and nut bread that would go well with cheese as have promised to bake one to take to an early Christmas family get together. Unfortunately, trusty Dan Lepard does not have one in Short and Sweet or in Guardian archives so have used a recipe from Leith’s which has produced a little loaf… Not convinced by it but then it may be wonderful, it’s only just come out of the oven and I’ve a work do tonight so will leave photography and tasting until tomorrow.

Am also doing two more Christmas puddings tomorrow. Where on earth will they all go until Christmas? Tiny kitchen is now positively groaning. It’s basically one big game of Tetris, so loaded with baking supplies, implements and food generally that it really is a challenge finding space for anything. Oh well, at least we’re eating well.


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