Capital ring walk, Mottingham to Gallions Reach

Fantastic weather for a long walk today, clear, crisp, sunny. We did 10.6 miles from Mottingham to Gallions Reach and I am feeling it now… This walk had everything, all sorts of animals, great views, woodland, greens, river and wonderful autumnal colours everywhere. From Mottingham, it’s a short walk to Eltham Palace, we didn’t go in as we had a long way ahead but would quite like to come back as the Art Deco interior is meant to be pretty fabulous. Further on, Eltham Park North:

Great colours everywhere. To the other side of this pond was a great view into central London (well, the tall buildings really). We crossed over to Oxleas Wood, which we both said we’re definitely coming back to. It’s very old and I took lots of photographs of trees, canopies and yellowing leaves:

Then I got lucky with a squirrel, which amazingly did not run off but stood there quite happily for a while:

And a little while later, there was a good robin photo op:

That’s it for animal photos. We also spotted a green parrot at Oxleas Wood, which I thought quite funny but too far to take a photo and well camouflaged in the tree canopy. We’re hoping it’ll snow this winter, would be lovely to come back when everything is covered in snow. Beloved said this was his favourite woodland around London apart from Richmond Park. Beloved is not a great fan of Epping, too many people. What struck us both about this part of Capital Ring walk was how well maintained and signposted all the paths were, yes it got a bit muddy in places but not too bad and clearly, Greenwich council is better than some others at signposting.

After a few more smaller parks and commons, we finally got to the Thames Path and here I got trigger happy again, taking photos of the Thames Barrier, we were about a mile beyond it, heading for Woolwich Ferry/ footpath:

 Woolwich Ferry was actually quite busy, don’t know why I was so surprised – there aren’t any bridges across Thames for miles around. This ferry boat was just anchored in the middle of the river:

We crossed the river via the subway and the other side just wasn’t very nice I am afraid. Paths weren’t kept that well, especially towards the end of the Thames path. Shame, as the scenery up to this point was pretty fab. Here, I only got some photos of the river mud and rubbish people throw into it, shopping trolleys, cooking pots, that sort of thing. We were glad to get to Gallions Reach eventually and get a train back. Bit exhausted but a great day.

Animals seen: donkeys, horses, ponies, lots of dogs being walked including a very, very ratlike creature that Beloved claimed could not have possibly been a dog, all sorts of birds including that parrot, squirrels, a fox, deer, chicken, ducks, geese, sheep and a fantastic turkey that I wanted to take home just to stare at – these were in animal enclosures in Maryon Wilson Park.

All photos taken with Nikon D3200.


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