Flatbreads with lamb, pine nuts and pomegranate

Second recipe from Casa Moro today, Flatbreads with minced lamb, pine nuts and pomegranate. A friend mentioned they’re really good and they were super easy to make – compared to the pistachio cake earlier today. Just had them for dinner:


The lamb mix has onion, cinnamon and pomegranate molasses, pine nuts on top. Was supposed to put pomegranate seeds on top as well but decided they weren’t needed as there was lots of sweetness already on the plate. Served with beetroot and feta salad, an old favourite (4 medium sized beetroot, cooked then mixed with a packet of good feta cheese and some olive oil, no seasoning needed) and carrot hummus, which is a revelation, recipe from Hugh FW’s River Cottage Veg book, has cumin and coriander seeds, honey and peanut butter instead of tahini. Made a load of it a while back so had some in the freezer. All in all, really lovely dinner.


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