Plum cobbler with hazelnut and oat crumble topping

 Today’s quick bake, Plum cobbler with hazelnut and oat crumble topping, from Short and Sweet by Dan Lepard. Hate to say it but Instagram does make it look lovely. I went off instagram over summer when sharing photos was made compulsory but now might start using it again. I made the cobbler/crumble hours ago and we actually had it for breakfast, which was rather decadent. Didn’t have time to post earlier as was in a rush. Cobbler/ crumble was lovely, good crunch from hazelnuts.

I was planning a different breakfast, sort of a hash made with leftover salt beef brisket and mash from Hugh FW’s Three Good Things but run out of time as we had tickets to see the new Bond film. I was also making sourdough and had to time the final proving while we were out watching the film. So, today’s been a bit chaotic. Film was OK, think I liked it more than some of the recent Bonds, loved the cinematography but then Roger Deakins is always brilliant and I also liked how it was a return to basics. It was a bit slow though at times and Bond shouldn’t be slow, perhaps I was willing it to get on with it as had sourdough waiting to go into the oven…

Now, back at home, sourdough done and the salt beef hash/cakes are chilling. Back to kitchen, making lasagne with cavolo nero and mushrooms (another River Cottage Veg recipe). Long walk tomorrow planned, must walk off all this food…


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