‘Marrakech express’ loaf cake

This is a bit of an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink cake, in the nicest possible sense, it’s really fabulous:

 Recipe, as usual from Short and Sweet by Dan Lepard – I promise, I have and use other books… Anyway, this has: coffee and cardamom (just about two of my favourite things), cinnamon, dates, pecans, honey, pomegranate molasses, sesame seeds, wholemeal and spelt flours (recipe called for hemp which is just about the only flour I don’t have) and a bunch of other things I’ve now forgotten. I made it yesterday, quite late in the afternoon, then left to cool and wrapped it in greaseproof paper to keep moist. It’s really lovely, highly recommended. Here’s another photo of the whole loaf:

Wonderfully fragrant, good texture, all the ingredients work very well together – a really great afternoon cake.


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