Garlic butter and cheddar scones

I’d planned to make all sorts of stuff this weekend, am clearly doing anything and everything possible to avoid finishing an essay, which is due next week. Spent most of Saturday making: first brining a beef brisket (cannot wait to eat this!), then making a Christmas pudding for an early December get together with Beloved’s family – this also involved a walk to Gill Wing in Islington as the pudding bowls I ordered from Amazon were too big (this is what happens when I decide to organise myself in advance), then baking a cake which I’ll post later (have not tried it yet) and finally a pasta/soufflĂ© for dinner which was just great but was totally flagging by the end of it and had to use a whisk to make a smooth roux. Wooden spoon was not getting rid of lumps.

So, basically, I’d made everything I planned for the weekend in one day and this morning, when Beloved informed me we have an extra hour (yay!), I thought plenty of time to make Garlic butter and cheddar scones for breakfast:

Recipe came from Dan Lepard’s Short and Sweet – a mix of white and wholemeal flours, mustard, cayenne pepper, lots of cheddar, garlic, butter, yoghurt. Took very little time to make and they are utterly delicious. Having had one, I now have no other excuses but to get on with boring essay. Thing is, it’s a short one and I only have a third left to d0 (plus references and bibliography) so should not take long. Perhaps if I have another scone, divine inspiration will come…


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