Richmond Park and Wimbledon Common walk

Rain was forecast for today but we’ve had so much rain while walking in the Lake District over the summer so it didn’t really matter. Beloved said we should set off early so we did. Our plan was to get a train to Richmond, walk through Richmond Park, then Wimbledon Common and eventually get a train back, continuing with the anti-clockwise Capital Ring walk we started a while back. In the end, we cut the walk a bit short, skipping Wandsworth Common and getting a train back from Earlsfield. All in all, we walked around 8 miles I think.

Richmond Park was glorious, even on a cloudy and crisp morning. Great to see the changing seasons, yellowing leaves, conkers falling everywhere, woodland full of mushrooms like this little puffball:

  A bit nibbled on but still a lovely burst of colour. I wasn’t sure whether to take the Nikon camera at all but am very glad I did. As we were leaving the woodland, you could hear deer calling out to each other and you could see their antlers above the bracken, fallow deer are pretty good at camouflage:

 Took me a while to get a photo where you can actually see one (just about), does are even more difficult to spot. There were a few deer spotters around with telescopic lenses, waiting quietly for the deer to get close and then a walker would go past and scare them off. Eventually the little herd moved on and so did we.

 Good autumnal colours in this photo, think this was still in Richmond Park. And, finally, a good tree on Wimbledon Common:

 As we were having a little break eating sticky toffee apple buns I made yesterday, we both said this part of Capital Ring Walk is much more interesting than the Grand Union Canal and Brent River part we did a couple of weeks ago. Next time, I’d like to get to Crystal Palace.


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