Sticky toffee apple buns

I did say there’s been a bakeathon today, this is one of Dan Lepard’s Sticky toffee apple buns:

Unfortunately not a round bun, more of a rectangle but what it lacks in shape it makes up in taste: there’s cinnamon, pecans, yoghurt and milk in the dough and a bit of rum with the apples. Really excellent and worth the effort! I’ve been meaning to make these for weeks now and just didn’t have the time – the dough takes around 2 hours to rise, then once rolled with toffee apple, another hour and a half in the tin. All in all, around 5 hours, including the baking. I also overcooked the apples a bit but don’t think it made a huge amount of difference to the taste. For something quite large, they are also pretty light. Recipe came from Short and Sweet.

Still have sourdough to go in the oven, so really has been a full on baking day. Amazingly, have also managed to do some of my essay so quite happy now.

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