Peanut butter drop scones for breakfast


I seem to have embarked on a bakeathon this morning instead of working on an assignment for a course I am doing at the moment. The assignment is a bit dull so, drop scones for breakfast, here I come! These are made with sugar-free crunchy peanut butter and served with maple syrup and Greek yoghurt, recipe from Hugh FW’s new book Three Good Things. I got the book in a goodie bag from a work do and actually let out a little shriek when I saw it, so happy. Beloved shook his head. Couldn’t help but being overjoyed, Hugh FW’s River Cottage Veg Everyday is probably the only cookbook I’ve ever wanted to do every single recipe from. All recipes I’ve done so far (quite a few) have been really good although poor Beloved dreams of meat every night… Well, Three Good Things has quite a lot of meat/ fish recipes so that’s something Beloved can look forward to, in a while. It’s bizarre how I’ve looked at Hugh FW’s recipes in The Guardian for years, kept a few but never made anything other than crumpets at the start of my bread making obsession earlier this year. Have never seen any of his TV shows or bought any of his other books, just the veg one. Over the years, I’ve cooked a lot of recipes from books – Nigel Slater (apart from when I saw about 5 minutes of his first TV show, put me right off all his books for about 3 years!), Skye Gingell, Ottolenghi, Moro, Simon Hopkinson, River Cafe, Delia, of course (my first cookbook in English I think) and not forgetting Dan Lepard for baking but it’s the vegetable book that’s kept me busy since late June. Three Good Things does look pretty good, lots of nice looking dishes and am very happy to have it.



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