Sourdough for breakfast

I actually made this week’s sourdough loaf yesterday but didn’t have time to post. So, here’s this morning’s breakfast instead, sourdough with black pudding and fried egg on top:

Granted, this is not the most exciting photo but I don’t care, it is of black pudding with a runny egg yolk on top of home made sourdough bread and that’s exciting enough for me. Black pudding was from local butcher, it was good although a touch too salty. Black pudding is one of my favourite treats, Stornoway being my favourite although it’s quite hard to find. Neither of my local butchers ever has it.

Anyway, bread is pretty good, considering it went into the oven without its top being slashed and the oven wasn’t hot enough. I love it how you can pretty much make all kinds of mistakes while making sourdough and it still comes out good. I’ve had it in the oven for over an hour before, on a variety of temperatures, with or without the oven steamed, now without top being slashed… considering it a miracle-type bread. I made the usual loaf with 300g strong white and 200g strong wholemeal flour and 300ml water.



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