Chocolate and polenta cake

I fancied making a chocolate cake today as haven’t made one in a while. Several recipes I haven’t tried to consider, in the end decided on a very easy Chocolate and polenta cake from Leith’s Baking Bible. It’s a flour-less cake, with quite a lot of dark chocolate (225g) and eggs (5), butter, sugar, polenta and rum. Very simple although I do sometimes have a problem with Leith’s – it’s meant to be a baking Bible but there are little mistakes in it that could seriously mess up your cake if you don’t know what you’re doing*. Not that I really know what I’m doing… Anyway, made the cake in a square tin because I fancied cutting it in little cubes:

It’s a good, intense chocolate flavour, deepened by rum and I also like the slight crunch you get from polenta. I used the Merchant Gourmet polenta, not super fine cornmeal hence more of a crunch. I think it would work equally well with ground walnuts, pecans or hazelnuts instead of polenta so may try that in the future. Here’s also a picture of the whole cake, nothing special to look at but does taste very good,

*this recipe called for 115g butter and 225g chocolate cut into small pieces to be melted together in a pot – not sure you’re meant to melt chocolate over direct heat so I melted both in a bowl over a pot of simmering water instead.



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