Bagels for breakfast

Having gotten used to regularly making sourdough bread over the summer and it taking quite a long time to do, I feel slightly weird today – bagels were ready for BREAKFAST. So quick! Granted, it was a fairly late breakfast (11am) but still, pretty amazed:

Recipe was Dan Lepard’s, from Short and Sweet. Shaping – OK, think I need to practice this a bit but I can’t make them any bigger really unless I get a bigger baking tray. Taste – fantastic, light but still a little chewy, with a bit of a crust. Actually nicer than what you get from Beigel Bake on Brick Lane, so am very happy. Had one, still warm, with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon for breakfast.



2 thoughts on “Bagels for breakfast

  1. they look so tasty!!! I tried to make bagels, but they never even looked so yummy like yours, and the taste was not great either. Will you share the recipe, please!?

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