Cobnut and plum tart

So good and now so completely gone…

20120930-170623.jpg Dan Lepard’s Cobnut and plum tart from Short and Sweet and what a perfect tart for this particular time of the year when both plums and cobnuts are in season. I originally wanted to make buns for a family get together this morning but realised I’d have to start at 5am if they were to be ready. This recipe was hidden towards the back of Dan’s book so I didn’t think of it at first but when I did see it, it brought happy memories of summers spent at my gran’s house and a hazel tree from which I often picked and ate ‘green’ nuts. Thankfully our fabulously well supplied local green grocer had cobnuts so I made the tart this morning, I really am quite sad there’s none left.

20120930-172050.jpg Cobnuts were toasted, chopped, then mixed with flour, butter, a bit of sugar and a little bit of milk into a crumbly pastry, half of which was then pressed into the bottom of the case, while the other half was crumbled on top. Filling was just chopped plums, mixed with a little sugar, lemon juice and cornflour to hold it together.

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