Sugar-crusted pear turnovers

Small pastries this afternoon and a huge sense of achievement… I made rough puff pastry for the first time and then used it to make these marvellous Sugar-crusted pear turnovers. Very happy! Both the pastry recipe and the pear turnovers were from Dan Lepard’s Short and Sweet. I did ‘consult’ Leith’s Baking Bible on puff pastry as well but Dan’s recipes are just nicer to follow. Leith’s is somehow a bit militant I find.

I really wanted to do puff pastry before my new course starts and I have less time and although this isn’t the proper puff, it’s still got almost a whole butter and tastes delicious. Here’s another photo:


Now I also need to do some bagels and then some early Christmas puddings and I still want to do proper puff pastry as well…


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