White cliffs coastal walk

Glorious weather yesterday, perfect for a long coastal walk. We used the 4 mile Wildlife walk over the white cliffs of Dover walk in The Guardian’s 100 great British walks for inspiration. We lengthened it by taking a train to Walmer, couple of stops from Dover Priory and walking the ten miles back to Dover along the Saxon shore way.

Yesterday was also the new camera’s first outing so we walked at a leisurely pace taking lots of pictures. This is of the beach at Kingsdown:

The weather continued to be glorious, wind blowing over the cliffs to stop you from getting too hot and, in my case burnt by the sun. The cliffs are pretty awesome, with rock pools down below and France visible in the distance (not quite in this photo):


There were butterflies and birds everywhere, not too many people in the first half of the walk. Ice cream van man just outside Kingsdown did complain about huge numbers of cyclists coming to these parts now (as a group of 50 or so French cyclists in full gear made their descent down steps from the cliffs) because ‘of that bloke’ winning Tour de France.

South Foreland lighthouse was a good spot for a stop, there was a guided tour up at the top, with the guide explaining exactly which house was Noel Coward’s and something about Moonraker that I didn’t quite catch,

I was quite mesmerised by this lovely kite to pay proper attention to the tour guide,


As we were nearing Dover, the path did get more crowded. First view of the port was the best (became more industrial the closer you got):

We didn’t stop in Dover, just walked to the train station and got on one of the new high speed trains that took just over an hour to get into St. Pancrass, they’re more expensive but definitely worth it for avoiding the busy Charring Cross or Victoria stations.


I hope this wasn’t the last sunny and warm Sunday this year.

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