Sunsets and change

Last night’s sunset, seen from my kitchen window. These lovely pinks lasted for a few minutes, long enough for me to take a few pictures. With the new camera. My first digital SLR too. I’ve wanted one for a very long time but since we have a perfectly decent (pretty good actually) digital camera already and I mostly only use iPhone or iPad to take pictures for this blog, I couldn’t justify the expense of a digital SLR. I was thinking I might save up and get one for Christmas and then a fairly extraordinary set of circumstances led to me getting this marvellous Nikon D3200. To say I am excited about it would be a gross understatement!

I am, of course, a complete novice. Have some vague memories of a photography class, long ago where I learned about apertures and shutter speeds with a borrowed SLR camera that I had to give back. I moved courses, unfortunately, too quickly to learn much. So I’ve bought myself a book for the Nikon that I am slowly reading. It’ll take a while and I don’t think I’ll stop posting iPhone and iPad photos here, even though my iPhone can now pretty much be classified as ‘vintage’ (am due an upgrade so will hopefully get a new one soon) and I know people mock those who use iPads as cameras (why? photo quality is pretty good and it’s very convenient for quick editing and uploading). Anyway, in a little while, the Nikon will get its first outing. The weather is meant to be sunny so we’re going to the coast for a long walk, yay!!

The sunset photo above was taken in ‘guide’ mode, which is pretty handy and I’ve resized it to post here. Will definitely be a while before I’m confident enough to do things manually…

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