Sourdough and fennel and squash lasagne

Ha, I was going to have a lazy afternoon… Well, that didn’t happen. Had sourdough bread proving so it had to be finished and, as we are off on a long walk tomorrow and I currently happen to be a bit obsessed with Hugh Fearnley Whitingstall’s River Cottage Veg Book, thought I’d make lasagne so I don’t have to worry about cooking when we return. That’s all well and good but it’s been a hot day anyway, so obviously, not the brightest idea to spend hours in the kitchen with the oven on. Sourdough first, a bit wonky today:

20120908-201527.jpgMust have been the heat. It’s my fault really, wasn’t very gentle when transferring to baking sheet. I used 300g white and 200g wholemeal bread flours to 300ml water. Think I’ll freeze this one when completely cool to have in the week.

The squash and fennel lasagne I’ve not made before, have not even tried it yet, as waiting for beloved. Looks good, no:

20120908-202541.jpg Am sure it’ll taste good too, like everything else I’ve made from this book so far. And I have made quite a few things over the summer. Right, beloved’s back, dinner is on!
Very good it was too…


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