Hello sourdough, I’ve missed you!

No baking last weekend, we were away and and I totally missed it. First thing I did when we got back Tuesday night was take sourdough starter out of the fridge and then I made this beautiful bread yesterday. The kneading and shaping is the bit I enjoy the most, when I first started making sourdough, I thought that kneading would be the boring bit but there’s something very satisfying about turning a wet sticky mess into a lovely loaf. Making bread has got to be one of the best simple pleasures in life. Seconded by having it for breakfast, with butter and jam, which I’ve just done:

Jam was Blueberry and lemon from Wild and fruitful and for the sourdough, I used 300g strong white bread flour, 200g strong wholemeal flour, 300ml water, teaspoon of salt and ladleful of sourdough starter. Recipe and method here albeit for a bigger loaf that also uses rye flour.


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