Just made, red marl T shirt


I used to make lots of clothes for myself with varying degrees of success. For the past 2-3 years I haven’t made as many for several reasons, firstly with work and study it’s hard to find the time, the sewing machine I have is not that brilliant and frankly, sometimes I can’t be bothered to make patterns and toile properly. After finishing my last course in June, the first thing I did was a trip to favourite cheap fabric shop. The fabrics I bought have been sitting in a pile ever since. Two designated large fabric boxes also full… Obviously, drastic action was needed so I splashed out on a new sewing machine (singer heavy duty, just seen in the pic background) and it arrived on Monday, yay! So I made a simple long T shirt in this red marl jersey. Finished hems this morning but have worn it out already, unhemmed, to a glorious junk food feast at Rita’s the other eve. Miraculously, managed not to spill any food on it.

I made a pattern by copying a Uniqlo Laura Ashley T and managed to get a perfect sleeve/ armhole match, very happy with that. Stitching not bad either, considering I am not that great at it. It fits me much better than the dummy, dummy was cheap eBay purchase a few years back and a bit bigger than me.

Think I’ll make one in blue jersey as well, according to my clothes making notebook I have two different blue jerseys… Why? Obviously need to implement better self control methods when it comes to fabric shopping too.

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