Reading and walking

I’ve no self control whatsoever when it comes to books and book buying. I make attempts by saying to self and others that I am implementing a self imposed ban on book buying when the stacks in the bedroom get a bit out of hand and start spreading to the living room too. So, whoop and yay, yay! to most recent purchase which greeted us last night on a very late return from Whitstable:

Must add that this purchase was made during said self imposed ban… However, in my defence, I finally watched the BBC 4 documentary on Alfred Wainwright and the book ban went right out of the window. As I love the Lake District and do some research before trips, I was, of course, aware of Wainwright and have seen the books at Stanfords book shop before our trip last year but thought I wouldn’t buy them, they seem to be for serious fell walkers and it was our first time. But now that I’d just booked our second trip to the Lakes this summer, thought the books could come in handy. Beloved agreed. They are lovely, hand written and hand drawn, which, of course, happened in the 50s and 60s but doesn’t happen much now. The purists would probably raise eyebrows at purchase of the revised edition but never mind, we’re not interested in walking all the fells, these are hopefully just gong to be good companions. Now, of course, as well as Skiddaw, I want to climb Hay Stacks (where Wainwright had his ashes scattered) but doubt that either will happen as the weather is meant to be totally rubbish next weekend. Typical. I don’t want very hot weather, just dry.

I’ve now got to figure out which other books to take up to the Lakes, only taking kindle as am planning on packing light. Thought I should finally read the free Thomas Hardy books I downloaded some time ago afthat thinking, for a long time, that Hardy is not for me. Found it very hard reading Tess of d’Urbervilles, which I’d been reading, snail-pace for weeks until I just couldn’t deal with it anymore and had to speed read the second half. Not proud to admit this and not saying I did not like it, just wasn’t for me. Shame, have also downloaded The Mayor of Casterbridge and Jude The Obscure but not sure if I want to read either, at least not for some time. Pretty sure most books I have on kindle are ‘serious’ reads and old, free fiction books and that’s well and good, but I’ll probably fancy something fast paced and entertaining. In any case, do not think it will be Hardy…


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