Blueberry cake with a crumble topping

It’s so hot, I had to go have a nap earlier, could not face doing anything. Then I woke up and decided to bake, ha, that was a great idea! Feeling close-to-expiry right now but the cake looks great:


Blueberry cake with a crumble topping from Leith’s Baking Bible, cut while still hot, as usual. Have not tried it yet though, waiting for it to cool down. I do love how the blueberries have bled right through and it smells marvellous. However, marvellous and delicious it may be, a recipe from a book claiming to be a Bible, the cooking time is completely wrong, stated, 25 minutes at 190C when it really needed 40. My oven is less than a year old, so am pretty sure that it was on correct temperature. Slightly outraged, as similar thing happened with last week’s cheddar and apple cake from the same book (cheddar and apple cake also super highly recommended for breakfast, toasted and buttered!). If you can’t trust Prue Leith & co’s books, what is the world coming to… Never mind, am sure it will taste fabulous. Here’s a photo of the whole cake:

Decided to use instamatic filter on photo toaster for these pics, think it suits this hot and hazy day.

Am going to spend the rest of day on sofa, fan on full blast (it is proving almost 100% ineffective), watching bad films.


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