Sourdough and breakfast


One lovely thing that’s happened to me this summer is sourdough bread. I think I made the starter just after I had my open uni exam and it’s been going ever since. This weekend’s bread is No. 5 and the first to have rye flour (in the dough as opposed to just from the starter) as well as wholemeal and white. It was an accident really, I usually mix up the sponge on Friday evening then knead, prove, bake on Saturday. I was too hot and bothered on Friday night so decided to do the whole thing yesterday. Made the sponge when I woke up, only I used rye flour for the sponge by mistake instead of white bread flour, both bags are green paper, from Dove Farm and I’d just woken up so my brain (and therefore my logic) was a bit fuzzy. I slightly worried that it wouldn’t rise and all that but in the end, decided to leave it and see what happens. Sometime in mid afternoon, I added more white flour, kneaded the dough and went through the process of leaving then deflating, then proving. By the time it went into the oven (10pm), it had risen but kind of horizontally, and cracked through the surface (as you can see in the pic above). In it went, at a lower temperature than last two weeks and for a shorter time, last two attempts actually had a crust that was too thick and heavy, which was very hard to cut two days later.

The end result was absolutely wonderful, lovely rye flavour, easier to cut too. Thought we should have it for breakfast with bacon and scrambled eggs.
Recipe (for two people): for the sponge, 150g rye flour, 100g wholemeal bread flour, ladle full of sourdough starter and 360ml cold water, mixed and left for 7 hours.
Then added 350g white bread flour, kneaded for 15 minutes, left for an hour, deflated, (repeat deflate, then leave for an hour 3 more times), then deflate one last time, shape, roll in more rye flour and leave to prove – I left it for 3 hours as it’s warm outside, in the past, I’ve left it for 4.
Oven preheated to 245 degrees with a baking sheet inside. Added boiling water to steam the oven, slashed then sprayed the loaf with more water, in it went for 10 minutes, then a further 30 minutes at 180 degrees. You can see that the end result was a little flat here:

The original recipe/ method is from River Cottage Handbook on bread, ingredient quantities my own.

And the exam, I found out recently that I passed and did very well, then promptly started crying, ha!


5 thoughts on “Sourdough and breakfast

  1. Oh man, I resented that whole starter business. It’s more needy than a puppy!! I make a cheats sourdough.

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