Just read, World War Z by Max Brooks


I saw this film the other week, have forgotten the name of it now, it had lots of zombies in it. I was expecting it to be pretty bad but there wasn’t anything else interesting on telly and in the end, the film was pretty decent. Not all out action, more of a human story, how people and society in general dealt with this apocalyptic scenario where their world was infested by zombies. It had no stars, it was a simple, effective and quite a melancholy film. I thought of it the other day, am reading Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the d’Urbervilles for the first time and it’s pretty intense. I needed a break from it and i wanted a quick and easy read, so remembered that beloved had read World War Z a while back and said I should read it too. First of all, I thought it was a graphic novel, like Walking Dead and I fancied reading a graphic novel. It wasn’t and, as I started reading it I thought those silly Hollywood people could never make this into a good film. No wander the one they’ve been making with Brad Pitt has been beset by problems. The book is a collection of testimonies and cleverly conceived. Supposedly written ten years after the zombie plague was brought under control, the central character, never seen, travels the world collecting testimonies of those who survived the outbreak, the breakdown of society that followed, the focused effort to return to some sort of normal existence, extermination of zombies and establishment of new societies. For example, Cuba emerges as a world power, while North Koreans simply disappear. Without going into too much detail, I liked the different situations, I very much liked the concept, the book was a bit let down by the fact that many characters had the same voice although I liked the fact that ten years after the war, each survivor was still very much affected with what had happened. I can easily see why someone would want to make it into a film but I think it would work much better as either a series, focusing on one scenario per episode or a documentary style film with individual narratives. Beloved tells me that there is a graphic novel from the same author with a different setting so may look at that too. Don’t think I’ll want to see the film.


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