Sourdough bread


I have been making a loaf of sourdough every week from my starter, just haven’t been posting them since they all look the same. This is No.4 and I made it in a sort of a square shape. I used 300g strong white bread flour and 250g strong wholemeal bread flour + 1 and a half teaspoon salt, around 330ml water and a ladleful of starter.
Was in no rush to make it so gave it 4 hours of deflating and leaving it to rise, then another 4 hours proving. Looks lovely but hasn’t been tasted yet, have just finished the last of beloved’s birthday Coconut milk layer cake along with a big fruit smoothie so that’ll keep me going for hours!
Now back to the Olympics, so much going on today, found myself strangely glued to cross country equestrian event earlier, then obviously diving and now gymnastics. I know I’m missing all sorts of other stuff too, shame you can’t watch it all!
Another pic of the bread:



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