English muffins

This weekend’s baking has been totally out of sync. I was supposed to make these Cider vinegar muffins for breakfast yesterday. I followed Dan Lepard’s recipe (from Short and sweet) and made the dough on Saturday night, it spent the night in the fridge and then it took so long to come to room temperature and start rising that I actually only finished the muffins last night! No matter, we had one each with butter, still warm and they were delicious. Proper muffins, a little chewy but not doughy and half-baked, they were browned in a frying pan then finished in the oven. Shop bought do not compare to this. As they were browning and the faint vinegary smell filled the room, all I could think of was Eggs benedict but have decided against making hollandaise this morning (boo hoo) as am trying to eat healthy.

Will certainly make again but perhaps see what happens of I just leave the dough out over night and not put it in the fridge.

The other bit of weekend baking that went out of sync was this week’s sourdough bread. We were out for lunch yesterday so there wasn’t enough time to make it. Making today instead. Have decided to work from home as much as possible during the Olympics because of the traffic chaos and, besides, Boris telling everyone to get ahead every twenty minutes is doing my head in!

Photos taken with my brand new iPad and I am loving the camera!! Have also downloaded a pretty decent editing app, have even paid for it but have forgotten the name. The old pixlromatic works on iPad but without the extra filters I paid for. They want me to pay for them again, which is outrageous!


2 thoughts on “English muffins

  1. Your muffins look and sound delicious. What does Dan Lepard say about cooking the muffins once they come out of the fridge? You could try proving them wrapped in linen or a clean tea towel in the fridge and then baking them as soon as they come out the fridge. If you add a baking tin half filled with hot water, the bread should steam as it cooks and rise in the oven.

    • Thank you! Dan’s instructions are to bring dough to room temperature, then roll out, cut to shape and place on a heavily floured tea towel/linen until risen by half. Ideally brown in a pan with a lid to get steam going, then finish in oven for 10 minutes – think I probably kept them in the oven for about 15 as it wasn’t hot enough to start with. And, I don’t have a frying pan with a lid either but don’t think it mattered so much.

      I didn’t cross reference this with Leith’s/River Cottage though, which I might do next time – and there certainly will be next time!

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