Rye apple cake

What a lovely cake! Made with rye flour, ground almonds, apple, cinnamon, dark muscovado sugar, recipe from Dan Lepard’s Short and sweet. Dan said to cut when perfectly cold. Ha, half of it is gone already and it is still warm…

I am sorry Dan, it did, obviously crumble a bit when cut but it was such a perfect breakfast (terrible, I know – cake for breakfast and really eaten at lunchtime!) on a fairly horrid looking rainy day. Might have more with a cup of coffee in a bit. Here’s a picture of the whole cake – it’s a bit dark indoors today:


Having a fairly quiet work-at-home day, only really interested in funny articles about how much everyone is hating the chaos brought on by the Olympics but, of course, I will watch every event that I can on telly. It’s my favourite rant topic at the moment, alongside the weather, of course. Boycotting any and all sponsors that I can.

In other news, looks like my exam result may come early, oh dear, don’t quite know what to do with myself now but it could be a long wait still?



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