This week’s sourdough

Having made my first sourdough bread from scratch last weekend using only white flour, I thought I’d try a mix of white and wholemeal this week. So I used: 50g strong wholemeal flour, 150g strong white flour, 250ml water and a ladle of sourdough starter.

Mixed into sponge, then left, covered overnight. In the morning, I added 150g strong wholemeal flour and 150g strong white flour, mixed into dough, kneaded and, basically followed the method given in River Cottage Handbook on Bread – leave for an hour to rise, deflate, leave again, all together four hours, then shaped and left for three more hours while I made some biscuits to take to a friend. In the end, I was quite late seeing my friend because it took ages for the oven to come up to temperature to bake but the end result was fabulous:

I was more careful this time transferring the bread onto hot baking sheet so it only deflated a tiny bit. It’s totally delicious.


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