Sourdough bread

I’ve done it!! Feeling elated, very, very happy. Have just made my first ever sourdough bread. This is way beyond exciting:

I followed Dan Lepard’s instructions in Short and Sweet to make the starter. Have fed it daily for a couple of weeks apart from a few days in the fridge while away last weekend. The actual bread recipe came from River Cottage Hanbook on Bread, which goes into a lot more detail on kneading, proving, shaping etc. Started it last night, made a sponge then did the rest this morning. It rose beautifully but when I made the 3rd slash, one end deflated slightly, so it’s not super even:

Have not sliced it yet, it is cooling. Can’t wait.

I made the starter with rye flour and bread with 400g strong white flour. It’s definitely bigger than I expected but then I had no idea how it would come out.




4 thoughts on “Sourdough bread

  1. Fantastic stuff! Making your own sourdough starter from scratch is really a great achievement – no wonder you’re feeling pleased with yourself. Hope the bread tastes amazing!

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