Black pepper rye bread + walking in Oxfordshire

I love the fact that I started a bread this morning assuming I’ve enough flour. Ha! I didn’t, only had a little of strong white flour left. So, in today’s bread, Black pepper rye from Dan Lepard’s Short and sweet, I used a mix of rye and wholemeal flours to make up for the lack of white. I knew it wouldn’t rise quite so much but didn’t particularly care. It came out slightly baby size, especially when compared to last Saturday’s Challah:

Lovely crust, strong peppery flavour, here it is sliced:

Photography not quite outstanding today… oh well, I was hungry and didn’t fancy spending too long picture taking. Thought the peppery rye would go very well with buttery, creamy scrambled eggs so that’s what we had for breakfast:

Again, love my choice of green table + green plate for photography. Should really work on my ‘styling’. As I said, I was hungry and it tasted lovely.

Finishing today’s post with a photo from yesterday’s walk, just outside Oxford, glorious countryside, an exhilarating walk through windswept fields after a boozy lunch. Did not take pics of windswept meadows as didn’t think iphone camera was up to it but this little stream was very pretty:

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