Banana bran muffins

Yesterday afternoon’s baking and an answer to the question of what to do with slightly overripe bananas. These are fabulous and not too bad for you either – containing bran, yoghurt, fruit and I also mixed wholemeal and plain flour (recipe, from Dan Lepard’s Short and Sweet has only plain flour). I used muscovado rather than dark brown soft sugar for extra flavour. The muffins came out very light, moist, fruity (bananas and raisins) and breakfasty – that’ll be the bran.

The quantity in the recipe was pretty big so I ended up with this:

And a fairly decent sized cake in a 20-or-so cm square tin which is now in the freezer. Freezer really has no room left now for baking leftovers so I’ll have to spend several weekends using all that up prior to any ‘new’ baking.

Now off East in search of elderflower to make cordial with, hoping the weather’ll hold and there’ll be no rain. Taking some muffins with us for sustenance.

Life is, indeed marvellous when there is no more revision to do, exam was last week and now weekends are finally properly free for the first time in months!


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