So, the other day, I had a stale eclair which cost £7 in a ‘restaurant’. Was pretty outraged at this and thought I should try and make some of my own. Have never made choux paste before, Dan Lepard’s Short and sweet provided a recipe and also tips on piping – thank you very much, I need all the help with piping I can get, as can be seen from photo:

Filled with vanilla custard and topped with chocolate water icing – both recipes from Short and sweet. They taste good, beloved says great, however, next time I’d do things differently. Firstly, I’d make custard without cornflour and secondly, I’d top with melted chocolate only as I found this icing too sweet – but, the glucose, which Dan says is optional, really does make the icing super glossy. Finally, I’d either make them a bit bigger or shorten the baking time. These came out too dry to cut so now I’ve lots of eclair pieces left, which I’m planning to mix with some fresh fruit and whipped cream.

Also made a batch of profiteroles with the remaining choux pastry. Beloved is very happy about that. They came out perfect, no problem with cutting.

Anyway, I know what to do next time. And, they were still better than the stale ones I had the other day!


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