Bridge rolls

Every weekend since I’ve started making bread I say ‘this is the best yet’. Beloved agrees. This week’s beats them all – Dan Lepard’s Bridge or finger rolls from last Satuday’s Guardian. Both Dan and Rose Prince in her Baking Club in Weekend Telegraph looked at ’50s recipes from the time of the Queen’s coronation, I made Dan’s but with a huge craving to have them with egg mayo, as in Rose’s recipe. We will have them with egg mayo & watercress tomorrow while watching Jubilee on telly.

Aren’t they simply fabulous. This photo was taken while the third tray was still in the oven. Not that concerned with ‘look’ so there are all sorts of shapes and sizes – it’s safe to say these are both ‘bridge’ and ‘finger’ rolls, I do not discriminate. All I care about is the eating. We just had them with ham and tomato,

I actually made a mistake and added the whole egg meant for the glaze into the dough so had to add a bit more flour to balance and be able to knead. That’s what happens when your recipe is on a screen in another room and not printed and next to you. Don’t think this made any difference to taste.

Back to exam revision now but will be making a trifle tomorrow and, depending on the weather, might even go check out street food on Stokey Church Street fete.


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